Tunnel Thrusters

Our tunnel thrusters are designed for heavy use in all types of commercial vessels. We supply four different models ranging from 20 HP and up to 2700 HP. Depending on size, the propeller is either fixed, adjustable or CP type. They can be hydraulic, electric or diesel powered. We are very flexible regarding special requests such as tunnel diameters and lengths that are not in our standard product range.

  • From 20 HP to 2700 HP
  • Hydraulic, electric or diesel powered


We developed the first swing retractable thruster in the world. Our retractable thrusters are available in four model sizes ranging from 25 HP to 200 HP.

In the ejected mode the retractable thruster works like a conventional thruster. In the retracted mode a plate welded to the thruster tunnel covers the opening in the hull ensuring a minimum of added resistance. This feature is especially popular in the sailing yacht industry. As standard the housing is manufactured in aluminum and it comes with a three or four bladed propeller in either aluminum or nickel aluminum bronze. The prime mover is hydraulic and the retraction mechanism is either electrically or hydraulically activated.